Pandora for consumers in New York’s fast fashion jewelry

Pandora May 24 in Shanghai, announced officially landed in China. The flagship store in the early days of the cat, by the most popular form of e-commerce nowadays, the jewelry from New York to domestic consumers.
According to the company’s chief designer Elaine J introduced, they are particularly optimistic about the potential of the Chinese market, with the rapid development of Chinese economy, consumers continue to pursue quality of life, consumer jewelry market has been for several years to grow. The Pu Yi Lan (Piara) as fast fashion jewelry brand representatives, this time into the right. Through friendly price, great jewelry and narrowed the distance ordinary consumers superior; while the unique design, rich colors, high-quality raw materials and natural jewelry personalized to meet the needs of different consumers.
In the next 2-3 years, Pandora will gradually enter Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier markets in order to form the next line store experience, so that consumers feel fashion jewelry from New York.
Reporters in the opening scene of the experience found, Pandora product color is very rich, bold design, broke our general impression for jewelry, full of flavor trend. His materials are particularly popular domestic tourmaline, garnets, pearls, they are also unlikely to see labradorite, smoky quartz and so on.
Exposure to enter the scene, they feel natural stones ocean, or simple or elegant or stylish and different people appreciate different taste. But Pandora choose the form of e-commerce to enter the domestic market, have to say the brand cautious, after all, China is recognized by consumers more “third kind”, gold, diamonds and jade, for natural stones still in the recognition, try stage. What Pandora Sale How fast will set off a storm of fashion jewelry in China, so we’ll see!

Pandora combination of art and always feel just right

Combined with the art of luxury brands always feel just right. For example, as a memorial of the 50th anniversary of France established diplomatic relations a series of activities, “twinkling ยท eternal –Pandora Time Art Exhibition” brought to people was a journey across time, space and time to experience a shuttle art, leading the visitors depth Pandora explore the rich watchmaking history and legend.

It is reported that the exhibition through a selection of Pierre, minutes and seconds for the public presentation of artistic creativity among the twinkling of an eye. Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art curator Miss Gong Yan commented: “When we look to the universe, we are looking at the past Pandora This is time for us to feel the world then, when we are faced with a timer, we again. see? this is the ‘time Art’ exhibition for us uncover the mystery. ”

Through this exhibition, more than 180 pieces of precious masterpieces spanning more than a century, reflecting the Pandora Canada until today’s watchmaking course of development, will be aesthetic creativity, innovation and design the perfect combination of craftsmanship from inception to witness the brand in the field of watchmaking heritage deep historical heritage, and through a rich variety of shapes, designs, features and techniques, provide an opportunity for visitors valuable, carefully tasting bears abundant creativity and excellence which distinguished professional watchmaking. In addition, the exhibition also presents works simultaneously with the historic collection of the most contemporary atmosphere, visitors can enjoy a variety of contemporary watches masterpiece.

In fact, since 1983 formally established, Pandora collection has repeatedly invited the world’s leading museum of its precious collections. Since its first exhibition in 1989, Pandora collection has global footprints 27 authoritative cultural and artistic institutions, has been invited to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, London, the British Museum, the Grand Palais in Paris and other places on display for the French cultural and artistic exchanges in the world spread played a role.

Pandora Classic symbol Silver Bracelet

PANDORA Canada presents a classic symbol, and a new interpretation, the surface after oxidation process to create a special sterling silver bracelet exquisite, coupled with different symbolic meaning of symbols, implement PANDORA aim to create a personal style, to show the unique personality of modern women charm for your memorable moments injecting personal elements, shaping delicate retro styling. Infinity symbol represents? Eternal; hand symbol represents friendship forever; heart-shaped symbols of love and admiration; clover, horseshoe life on the road will give you guidance and protection.

Danish international jewelry brand PANDORA designs, manufactures and sells precious materials by hand crafted jewelry, and excellent standards, technology, quality and design is known. PANDORA encourage Ms. loyal to their independent spirit and interpretation really my personality, romantic and elegant ladies jewelry series capture every unforgettable moment in life. PANDORA use of innovative technology to the classic craftsmanship and sleek design combined, and on six continents over 80 countries, as many as 10,300 retail outlets, including more than 1,100 PANDORA brand concept store sales. PANDORA was founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the brand is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
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